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A very convincing liar. A scam artist pretending to be interested in your well-being or wants you to be interested in someone else's well-being in order to trick you into handing over your money. A person who manipulates your vulerabilities and appeals to your emotions with a touching story or puppy-dog face before asking for a 'financial' gift.
Televangelists such as Benny Hinn are shameless charlatan.
by darrenspool November 24, 2006
A burger which has been hastily made by a teenage employee of McDonalds. It's usually poorly constructed, dried out or gone cold.
I ordered a McChicken burger, not this chickenmcfuckwich!
by DarrenSpool September 19, 2006
An Australian slang term used casually when moving through public places; and upon noticing or passing a person of Greek descent, whispered as a magic word 5 times in order to feel pyschologically protected from the aura of their menace and sleaziness.

Directly refers to particular greasy-haired, vain tryhard wogs who's only function is to act as sexual predators in suped-up sports cars.
Did you see that wog pollution blowing down the sidewalk? closes eyes Wog Pollution x5. Opens eyes HE'S GONE!
by darrenspool November 24, 2006

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