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2 definitions by darksyde

That motha fukin slow ass driver in front of you who makes you miss a light because he crosses the white line slowly to make a left turn instead of scooting into the left turn lane while maintaining his speed. While you were slowing down to not ram his ass the light turns to yellow and you have to stop. Usually associated with minivans, old people, or out of state license plates.
That damn crosser caused me to miss my light. Utah, typical.
by darksyde December 24, 2005
While driving in California, a dirtymexican typically drives slowly because they have no insurance, their car is in poor repair, or they really don't have anywhere to go. These persons, who usually drive vans or trucks, simply get in the way of normal folks trying to go to work.
This god damn dirtymexican should change lanes already because I'm late as it is.
by darksyde December 24, 2005