1 definition by darksideofthemoonresident#13

bu far one of the beest bands ever. they are good enough to the point to where if ur not on wedd and u listen to them u get the same effects as if u were on weed.There is one thing that pisses me off though. THE PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO PINK FLOYD BECASUE IT IS A SO-CALLED FAD, GO LISTEN TO THAT GOOD CHARLOTTE SHIT AND LET REAL FANS LISTEN TO THE MUSIC .YOU DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT. I HOPE YOU PAINFULLY DIE.mEANWHILE WE WILL BE ON THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON HAVIN FUN.some of pinks albums-wish you were here, dark side of the moon, and the ever popular, the wall
Old GC Fan- Hey i got the wall i'm so cool
pink fan- if ur so cool name some other albums
old gc fan-ummm lifetyles of the rich and the famous
pink fan-you dumbshit go F**k urself
by darksideofthemoonresident#13 January 08, 2005

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