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One of the most famous stories in the Weekly World News about a boy who was supposedly part bat. Now used as a description for someone who's doing something bizarre enough to get them their own story in the WWN.
"Dude, that friend of yours came over, walked straight out into my neighbor's yard, dropped trou, and dumped a load."

"Yea, he's a total batboy"
by DareD May 11, 2006
Anti and Aggro; A mood where you are anti any suggestion and aggravated by anyone/thing placed in front of you.
Stay away from Ben today. He's full-out A.A. His boss just denied his vacation request.
by dared December 22, 2008
Of or being of the Date/Time type in SQL.
If you aren't using the datiness of those fields, just switch them to varchars and you won't get that constraint failing on you.
by DareD August 27, 2008
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