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A small town in Rhode Island in the north eastern part of the state. Filled with poser white ghetto people who get tatoos such as:the struggle, keep on keeping on, or thug life, even though they live in a white suburbia. However, well known for its outrageous parties and keggers. A great deal of the population is stupid and will never step foot on a college campus unless it is to party or to report to there boss's office.
One of those towns where if you have half a brain you realize you need to get out of there ASAP.
-Shit there's nothing to do in cumberland.
-We could go to a party and get trashed and smoke mad weed and…get trashed.
-OK what do we do after.
-Get arrested by cumberland police that have nothing to do but hassle kids cause cumberland isn't active enough to have real police.
by daplaya December 24, 2005
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