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When someone wants an opportunity to make something right after they have made a mistake(s) or committed a wrong.

Do it over again and given grace or a free pass. This is granted automatically, is a mandatory implementation and any other persons involved in the do over must comply.

This can be used with a relationship, a project, a service performed or even an entire day, week, month, year or decade.
Example #1

**sent via text because Greg won't answer Xena's phone calls and messages anymore**

Dena: Come on Greg, I know we've only dated a few weeks and I've internet stalked you, sent you thousands of texts/IM's while you were trying to work, called you at all hours of the night and demanded that you see me whenever I ask, but I think I deserve a "do over". It wasn't personal and in my defense, you weren't a very good communicator.

Greg: (bird's chirping because there's no response)

Example #2

Boss - You really dropped the ball on getting this report turned in on time. I'm thinking I may have to let you go.

Employee - No, you can't! I call a "do over"!

Example #3

Sally: Fred, the last four years of my life has sucked. I'm taking a "do over"!

Fred: Great idea Sally. As they say when you play a country song backwards; now you can get back your house, car, kids, job, husband and dog.

Example #4

Girl #1 - I really like this guy from my church, but I'm afraid he won't want to date me because I lost my virginity already.

Girl #2 - Oh hell, just claim a "do over"! He never has to know.

Example #5

AKA: get out of jail free card
by danyalekb January 20, 2011
When someone (usually an ex-lover) consistently interrogates you about your life and barrages you with negative talk in an attempt to get you so angry that you turn to alcohol and/or drugs in order to drown out their annoying, screeching voice, just to make them shut up. They will never look at their own faults and are generally a hypocritical person.
Boy: What did you do last night? Did you behave yourself? Who were you with? Are you getting angry? I don't want to talk to you if you're going to yell at me. This isn't about me. It's about you. At least I didn't smoke crack. I only drank 150 beers in three days; that's not as bad. You're the one who always runs away and drinks when you're angry! I'm perfect!

Girl: What?! You're such a douche. I don't want to be 'shanoned'. Kick rocks fool!
by danyalekb January 19, 2011
When you are really happy or excited about something or someone, then the 'Triple Smile Style :)))' is used to convey this feeling via text, IM, email, Facebook, etc...
Her: We'll have to hang out again soon. I'm having johnny withdrawals! :)

Him: I miss you too Boo =)

Her: I should put that up on Urban Dic... "triple smile style :)))" I like it!

Him: Fo sho!
by danyalekb March 23, 2011

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