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When a landscape photo is very vibrant and and full of color, or has a very unique color combination.
1. that photo screams at you.
2. This is going to be a screamscape photo.
3. You guys ready to go screamscaping.
4. that photo is so colorful
5. Eye-popping colors
by dannyhu May 25, 2009
abbreviation for "What are you going to do to night"
When you text friends to find out what they are going to do that night. you would abbreviate the long sentence wrug2dtn.
by dannyhu May 25, 2009
It is the abbreviation for "What are we going to do to night"
1. When you don't want to type the whole sentence out to find out what you are going to do with your friend or friends that night. You would use the abbreviation wrwg2dtn. it is very simple and effective when texting.
by dannyhu May 25, 2009
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