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Blueball is a game similar is walley but it must be played against a small step with a small (preferably blue) ball.

Aim of the game: Kick the ball at the step.

1. Two Player Game.
2. Must be played on work breaks.
3. True blueball is played whilst both players are smoking, however this rule can be broken if playing with a non-smoker.
4. If you hit the step, you gain a point, if you miss the step, your opponent gains a point.
5. Once you reach 10 points you then must win two shots in a row to win the game.

Blueball Glossary:

First Foot; The first kick of each round, the very first foot of the game is decided at random, after this the loser of the point takes the first foot in the next round.

Blueballed; if there is an obsticle in the way of the step, similiar to being snookered.

Blueshit; if the ball lands in shit.

Shitfaced; if a Blueshit ball hits a player in the face. (also works with shitleg, shithand, shitarse, shithead.)

Blueroad; if the Blueball goes onto the road.

Blueslip; if a player slips over when playing.

Bluedrained; if a player has to take a shot from a drain.

In The Rough; if a player finds themself having to take a shot from rough terrain.
We were playing BlueBall on a break at work when the ball became BlueShit, and then player one was Shitfaced, then player two had a Blueslip in the shit!
by dannyboy0487 January 19, 2011

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