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1 definition by danihockeygirl

The second largest country in the world. Home of many famous actors, inventors and heroes of our time. Also, home to the most outrageous stereotypes I've ever heard.
No, we do not say "eh" after every second word. No, we don't live in igloos. No, we do not idolize or deteste (whatever the opinion) our American neighbors. We have free health care. We don't like participating in war. People all over the country have a different way of saying things, same as in the USA. There are some of us, who are billigual( I am partially), but not all of us speak french. Not every Canadian is hockey obsessed or plays it (I do). We don't drink every hour of the day, seven days a week. We are nice, polite, caring people that just want to be friends!
The only reason I wrote this is because I am disgusted with some of the opinions people have posted here on urbandictionary.com. I agree with other Canadians, and other Americans, that Canada is not so different than the USA.
I may be the stereotypical Canadian, along with Bob & Doug McKensie.
I play and love hockey, I am partially bilingual, and, if I were of age, I'd probably like to have a drink one in a while.
I Love Canada, eh!
by danihockeygirl September 28, 2009