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A theoretical, invisible master key of technology, attached to a company's computer network, that keeps all of it's technology running smoothly and seamlessly. It is usually possessed by a single IT system administrator and is automatically disconnected when it's owner is out sick or on vacation, thus ensuing immediate system failure. It's existence has never been proven, and much like a black hole's vacuum of light, is only visible by it's surrounding aura of destruction and chaotic effects.
Bruce left and took his crap dongle with him, now our computers and servers have been down.
by daniel Tamez January 18, 2008
A small application found on a cell phone, or other portable media device, used as entertainment or to maintain productivity while distracting oneself during the process of defecation.
I finished 9 under par on my mini golf putt putt pooplication after pinching off a steaming enchilada dinner in the pot.
by daniel tamez January 21, 2008
An oblivious moment in one's past, where there is verification of an un recollected event or phrase's existence via a credible third party confirmation or certified documentation, in which you have never heard of said event or phrase ever being used, therefore begin to believe that you were a cloned human whose implanted memories are false and are beginning to unravel an evil conspiracy to farm out your organs to rich movie stars.
I totally jumped the shark when saying "jump the shark" was popular, making me think that you made that phrase up just to irk me, because you're mad that I'm not as old as you are and you want to mess with my head.
by daniel Tamez January 17, 2008
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