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7 definitions by daniel king

a little slut who can't decide which best friend she wants
Micheal and ryan
by daniel king February 16, 2003
Instant messaging acronym for ‘Put a smile on my face’, the term is assumed to mean “that put a smile on my face”. It is a less cheesy alternative to lol and its variants. Pafomf (Put a frown on my face) also exists as its negation.
Person 1: "james was horrifically drunk n hit on her"
Person 1: "which amused me no end"
Person 2: "pasomf"
by Daniel King April 02, 2006
to not say a thing
talk u coojab
by daniel king February 16, 2003
someone who gets pissed of cheap wine
by daniel king February 16, 2003
legend with all the people
daniel king
by daniel king February 17, 2003