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drat - also known as "pills":. GRRRR! NAUGHTY! ......kinda!
www.sex.com! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
by daniel January 08, 2004
Anything hailing from the isle of Japan. Can also mean just plain strange. Man, when the Japanese get going, they can do some odd stuff.
"Have you seen my Hello Kitty vibrator? It's Japanese!"
by Daniel January 30, 2003
nightwing a large memeber of the rat family. often found enjoying a slice of gamerpie while masturbating to man porn at his home pc.
you sir, are a nightwing.
by Daniel October 06, 2004
Man that passes that dutch and bobbles head while in the motion. Hanh
Hey did you do the Ly over durr.. Hanh...
by Daniel June 24, 2004
Boring dead people

*boom tish*
Having sex with a newly exhumed corpse of either sex
by Daniel June 15, 2004
The area between the ballox sack and the buttox hole... as defined by doughy... Pbnation.com
"Stab him in his shens"
by Daniel February 25, 2005
I think the butt monkey means simply slapping a girl with an open hand so hard that a red inprint of your hand remains. Big ace is a ass wiping choad muncher of a man is he not?
Big ace: hey lets slap this chick real hard
BA's friend: he he Yeah
Chick: fukwit botty basher
by Daniel September 09, 2003
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