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when you stick your hands in your asshole or rub them on your sweaty nuts you get wee bit nutty.
man that anton lingle kid has some wicked nutty hands.
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
a really big ugly fuck over 6,5 thats wears american eagle clothes when he doesnt look right in them
the little boy drew called big nick a american eagle fat ass
by Daniel shaw May 19, 2008
when you were boxers for 3 days then they get sweaty and nutty.
hey kyle i swear your nutty boxers were a we bit nutty the other day
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
someone who smokes weed or crack and deals it and also has a square head.
hey anton your dad is a crackhead frankenstein.
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
It's a little mole located on the neck.
Hey look at that kids nigger mole.
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
underwear with the hulk on it that has shit streaks running down the underwear and his legs
hey man you no anthony lingle i swear i looked up his shorts and i seen some skidded up hulk underwear.
by Daniel shaw May 20, 2008
when someone yells out strawberry cheese cake and someone runs up pulls there pants down and fucks the other person in the ass, while cuming the asshole bleeds and it makes strawberry cheesecake.
I heard strawberry cheese cake in the other room and I seen kevin run as fast as he could with his pants down to his ankle.
by Daniel shaw May 19, 2008

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