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PITON in bulgaria is a sinonim for DICK. the real meaning of Piton is a snake. Its a snake that is very big but without poison.
Bob: Do u what to see my PITON?
girl: Ur hudge piton?
BOb: yes the piton. Swallow it BITCH!!!!!
Pitona iska6 li da ti pokaja, pitona koito pazq vuv garaja....
#dick #hui #koceto #penis #snake
by daniD12 March 04, 2007
Drug. If u r very unhappy take it. its ur choice
Cool, calm just like my mom
with a couple a valiums inside her palm
#drug #shit #woooohoooo #:p #pills #v-s #sux #poor boy
by daniD12 March 04, 2007
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