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when two people are having sex and do a real flying trapeze circus performance on usually a fan.
the flying trapeze is a real workout but jennifer can execute it like a real circus performer
by dandingo March 10, 2009
rigorous and intense sex with a pale hairy man and usually a bear involved.
i still have scratch marks from the russian circus last night
by dandingo March 11, 2009
an exam of the vagina or anus, where a doctor inserts his figers and gun shaped object. he will then proceed to vigorously wiggle his fingers around.
misha:"hey sam did you here about ryans pepsmier?"

sam:"yeh i heard he couldn't walk for a week".
by dandingo March 18, 2009
when a man and woman are having sex and do very intrecut and intense sex moves, usually acrobatic things like flips.
last night i did the german circus with sally. i flipped her and did the flying trapeze.
by dandingo March 10, 2009

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