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noun. a muffin of the dribbled variety. Contains human or animal saliva baked steadily into the delicious sponge. a delicassy in southern france... those damn dirty frogs.... often used as an insult by those to afriad to curse.
Your a fuckface... i mean a dribble muffin... please dont tell my mommy!!!!!!
by damonator!!!!!!! February 26, 2004
it has a little bit o' everything! Just like in the old country.... like wen u ask for an ice cream u dont be with the bee bobbin and the side fiddlein, you just ask for the everythingtastiful and then the vender sticks a whole lotta crap in a cone and it tastes like shite but we didnt complain because we were grateful! Plus we had to ration because of the war... dont ask which war, i cant quite remember, i think some people couldnt decide wat to have for thanksgiving.... ah well... im sleepy
i just tried one of those everythingtastiful's.... i think ill have vanilla next time
by damonator!!!!!!! February 26, 2004
a good friend of mine, me being the almighty and all powerful overlord of the urban dictioanry. i have defined 2 whole words! all mine! suck my kiss! no please... that was an order...
anyway... jem is a monkey that lives up peoples asses, and he aint picky about whos... so watch out...

see also ass monkey
jem dakeyne
by damonator!!!!!!! February 20, 2004
an animal of the primate variety that dwells inside the human anal region... sounds fun... See also jem dakeyne
jem dakeyne

some other lucky buggers
by damonator!!!!!!! February 20, 2004

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