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A Call Of Duty Gamer, having reached level 55 or 65, decides to trade in their self respect for a picture of a dog, or little ruby or something.
Dude 1: "Hey, can't wait to get my prestige badge"

Dude 2: "Why ?"

Dude 1: "Cos it means I'm awesome"

Dude 2: "But you're a cunt, and shit at playing COD4"

Dude 1: "Oh Yeah"
by DaMaxta March 01, 2009
The phenomenon of a prestige gamer, usually in the Call of Duty Series, being shamed in defeat to a level of embarrassment previously unachieved, by a gamer who has chosen to remain as a non-prestige gamer.
"Oh Man, I only just got my gold cross, so I went to show it off in TDM last night and got totally 55 Fucked. Man, I'm so embarrassed, I just going to go play with my small weiner"
by DaMaxta March 01, 2009
Job off as to Apple products as Jack off to pornography
"Dude, I am totally going to Job Off over Siri tonight"
"SIRI, Job me off......"
"Psycotherapists can be found at the following......"
by damaxta November 29, 2011
Adjective describing the excitement experienced by Apple Fanboys when adding further apple trinkets to their lives.
Oh Man, I got my Macbook pro, Airport Extreme, Airport Express running airplay off my iPad 2.... I got to iMessage my friends.....

by damaxta November 29, 2011
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