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one who is gregarious, funny and extroverted while on the 'net but is otherwise shy in person.
Daklute was excited to meet oprice due to their long internet friendship, but he feared he may be a keyboard extrovert and that the actual meeting would be awkward.
by daklute November 04, 2009
when someone consistently pzwn's another; such a brutal take-down that no response is possible.
At the bar last night, Rachel was given pzwnership of Artimus after she said he looked like a tranny Mickey Avalon.
by daklute June 11, 2009
Using too much Axe body-spray.
Man, did you smell Luke? He is completely hyperaxative! Someone needs to let him know to slow his Axe-roll!
by daklute April 08, 2015
the decision to follow somone on twitter after they first decide to follow you.
abundant energy decided to folla back daklute after he first followed them.
by daklute August 10, 2009

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