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a tall gangly "Irish bog-man"-like lad with thinning hair/badly shaven... usually seen sporting a better-looking woman than he deserves
Check out the geezer over there... he's a right finbar.
by dahnor January 16, 2004
the image projected from behind by a woman who is wearing a badly fitting pair of jeans, resulting in "points" to the left and right just below her ass, of where cheek becomes thigh - the whole effect is sometimes not entirely displeasing to the eye, but more often is...
Luisa has a beef triangle going on, but is nonetheless hot as hell.
by dahnor April 27, 2004
(Noun / Adjective) A woman who is just simply plain, no features of merit but not in any way ugly or repulsive either, just so ordinary as to be instantly forgotten, as soon as you look away. Very much similar to the type of biscuit also known as a digestive, from which this term originates.
Finbar: Plenty of nice women in this place...
You: No way man, they're all digestives; let's go to the titty twister...
Finbar: (points) What about her? Shes not a digestive...?
You: Come onnn man! she's the most digestive of the lot!
by dahnor October 26, 2004
A really shit (and unfortunately, the only) nightclub in Howth. Misguided individuals ofttimes mistakenly refer to this dump using the appellation "K2". It is also the name of a vampire-infested shithole bar that featured in the film "From dusk till dawn"
person 1: aah shit man! It's closing time, and I'm not arse-over-tit drunk yet!
person 2: Ah fuck; only one thing we can do; hit the titty twister...
person 1: Fuck that, I'm going home.
by dahnor October 27, 2004
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