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A saying utilizing the aged myth that young boys will go blind if they masturbate too frequently.

This myth was created simply to discourage such behavior in adolescent children.
Guy 1: "I swear, that porn video is so hot I've beat the meat to it at least five times today."

Guy 2: "You know you'll go blind if you keep playing with those."
by daggit June 29, 2011
n. The act of allowing one's lips and cheeks to vibrate while pressed firmly between another's ass cheeks and exhaling forcefully.
It usually elicits many giggles and protests from the victim to stop.

syn. fartserbit

Additional examples:
Similar to a zerbit, this is done with your face is pressed in between the ass-cheeks of another person.
You then exhale out of your lips forcefully, similar to the way you would blow on a musical trumpet or do the "motorboat" to a pair of large breasts.
The resulting sound is similar to the sound of one passing gas.
He had his face between my ass cheeks and gave me a farts nuggen!
I thought I was farting on his face when he gave me that farts nuggen!
by daggit September 14, 2010

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