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a term from online games desciribing a problem in a game causing people or objects to "freeze" and re-apear elseware, very annoying and sometimes used as an excuse by noobs (e.g. noob just got killed so he says: "Stupid lag!!!!")
dude, this map is lagging like crazy!
man the lag is killin me!
by dadefiner December 19, 2008
defining going crazy, screaming, or other crazy behavior
"i was just walking along, and this dude comes by and starts beating me and going beast!" ("beast" like going beast, is another way to say beast mode)
by dadefiner December 19, 2008
It is beleived that this origionated in online games, as if to say: "that sucks"
also may be spelled: f4il f417 fa1l
also may be used with epic (e.g. epic fail)
"woa, this map is a total fail"
"wow, that epic fails!"
by dadefiner December 19, 2008

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