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1)To write a computer program, or at least a snippet.
2)A computer program, or a portion thereof.
1)I still have to code that subroutine.
2)I can't decypher this obtuse code.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
Someone whose Windows wallpaper is peeling.
bubba: how come y'all got dat ol newspaper duck-taped over yer computer screen?
htrn: dat's so's da neighbors cain't be lookin in thru mah Winderz!
by daDebil January 15, 2004
The one true computer programming language. All high-level languages reduce down to assembly language in the end.
High Tech Red Necks always code in assembly language.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
A small portion of the whole. High Tech Red Necks often speak in snippets.
bubba: 'cha doon?
htrn: naa...!
by daDebil February 29, 2004
Someone who doubles the value of hiz truck by installing a radio in it.
bubba: dat shore looks better'n dat hole in yr dashboard.
htrn: yeah, and one of these dayz i might git it ta work!
by daDebil January 16, 2004
Someone whose car in the driveway is propped up on old IBM AT cases instead of concrete blocks.
bubba: is dat car ever gonna run agin?
htrn: i dunno, i sold da wheelz fr beer money.
by daDebil January 16, 2004
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