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A post classical Aphrodites, the Venus of the firmament. Her beauty surpasses all past sunsets and of those yet unborn. The Nordic Lights weep tears of envy to her beauty. Her comeliness is soft and supple. Her eyes are portals to all beauty and brilliance. Fleet of mind, cunning of acumen – the touchstone of every woman; she is every woman and every women wishes they were she. Mother to the fortunate and Lover to the favored. None have preceded her and none will surpass.
I just saw the most beautiful woman in the world; her name is Tondja
by Daddyrat November 13, 2013
A psychotic condition found in humanoid males who work with many females of the species. Estrogenitis's proximal cause is the inhalation of a toxic dose of secreted hormonal estrogen. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: Hair loss, memory loss, weight gain, notcuria, binge drinking and insomnia. Symptoms take at least 10 years of exposure before manifestation with married males typically affected at higher rates. Treatment modalities include, but are not limited to: Beer consumption beyond a BAL of .08, working on automobiles, riding Harley Davidsons, driving beyond the posted speed limit and shooting weapons of any type.
After working with Angie for 17 years I've got estrogenitis: I've started drinking, I can't sleep through the night, I've put on 20 pounds, My hair is graying and I'm going bald
by Daddyrat November 13, 2013
When a dog sticks his head out the open window of a moving car and sniffs the air.
Sparky is snoot surfing when we drive through the country.
by Daddyrat November 04, 2013
Dorsal Boobs: globs of fat, taking on the appearance of nippleless breast, found on the back of obesse women when enhanced and scultped by a halter top.
Look at the doobs on the back of that fat chick with the white halter top on coming out of Wal-Mart
by daddyrat April 02, 2010

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