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GOD. One should be so lucky as to have the opportunity to bask in his farts. Ones mission in life is to follow in the footsteps of thy lord Steve-o. His journeys can be seen on MTV or DVD. He performs many miracles and due to this, he is often mistaken as jesus.

"The Steve-o Prayer"
Steve-o who art in jackass
hallowed be thy ass
theself will cum
it will be on Dunn
on friday nights
as saturdays
give us this day
our daily laughs
and lead us not into dirty sanchez
but deliver us from complete crap
(lord-o hear our prayer)
"Dude, i jumped out my window naked with white feathers glued to me."
"Cause it's what Steve-o would have done"
by daddykool December 21, 2006

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