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2 definitions by daddy cool

A music and fashion subculture started in the mid-late seventies in the UK. Seventies teenagers developed their own dress code based on 1950s American Juvenile Delinquent novels and Hot Rod B-movies.
Puttin distance between themselves and the older "Teddy Boys" who attended the same clubs and dances at the time.
Their taste in music was for the more primitive hillbilly-rock hybrid "rockabilly" that kicked off in the mid fifties at the same time as its more succesful and commercial sibling - "rock and roll".
The rockabilly scene still exists today.
He must be a rockabilly, his turn-ups are huge!
by daddy cool February 24, 2005
Supreme perfection. God's greatest creation. Everything they touch turns to gold.
I met an awesome chick last night. She was Dorratt. We had the best sex and now I have a 24 carat gold penis.
by Daddy Cool May 23, 2014