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A state of absolute bliss and happiness, coined by Panic (formerly !) at the Disco in their song "Nine in the Afternoon". Also known as getting high off of life.
"You know what James, it's nine in the afternoon!"
"Dude it's 10 in the morning"
by dacalpha September 21, 2008
A rather hilarious joke you tell when you encounter an awkward silence.
*Awkward silence.*
"Hey wanna hear a joke?"
"Yeah, sure"
"Sarah Palin!"
by dacalpha December 22, 2008
This is what can happen when love goes on for too long. The relationship becomes strained, and painful. Coined by popular band Fall Out Boy.
Listen hon, we've been married for 45 years.


and maintaining this relationship has become difficult. we are heading through the carpal tunnel of love.
by dacalpha March 07, 2009

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