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3 definitions by daGeeksta

High profile attention whores who appear frequently on reality shows, talk shows, in gossip magazines, entertainment news, and so on, usually displaying deplorable moral character in said media. Also, any "news" related to these people.
Hey, did you read in (checkout aisle mag) that so-and-so is pregnant with what's-his-face's baby, and she's still married to derp-de-derp?

Hell no, I have no interest in all that celebritrash.
by daGeeksta June 19, 2010
To void the contents of one's gastrointestinal tract, often due to alcohol consumption.
Dude, that guy just exgastricated all over my hood!
by daGeeksta June 27, 2010
The facial expression often used by porn stars and slutty girls, that looks like they are overexpressing the consonant "G" in order to simulate sexual satisfaction. Similar to duck face, but with lips parted to reveal clenched teeth. Often accompanied by a hissing sound.
Hey, did you check out that porno I told you about?
Yeah, but the chick kept making the G-face, which I found distracting.
by daGeeksta June 27, 2010