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2 definitions by da REAL trixsta!

adjective, aka; a "duncan", a dirty, unwashed being, male or female, that eats from bins and keeps flies, rats and fleas as family pets. comes from kentish school play ground slang... particulary St. Anselms.
"oi keiran you ferret cunt, get out dat wheelie bin!"
"amanda you're such a ferret cunt, jus look at the shit stains on your fore head!"
by da REAL trixsta! July 31, 2006
adjective. referring to a yatties gash, meaning a gyal is buff, or there is a lot of buff females in the area /party.
"yo! terence blaaad, ya mums lookin gashy tonite star!wot!"
"eh morag, whappum dis party at your yard, best be gashy or ima splurt to a next ting!"
"oi ashley, dat gyal aint gashy blaaad, its crockford blaaad 'llow it!!"
by da REAL trixsta! July 31, 2006