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a lady that has the most beautiful eyes a person could ever look into and she has brown hair and is the hottest girl EVER in your life
i love tiphani to death and i would do ANYTHING for!!!!!!
by dM+tM=LuV4EvA January 03, 2005
umm a gay kid that has media 7th hour with mrs nabours and does nothing and slacks off every day in mrs phillips class
hector why are you sooo gay? why do you enjoy looking at my butt?
by dM+tM=luV4eVa March 09, 2005
dK anoThEr NaMe FoR dErEk. DeReK sTaRtS wItH a D aNd EnDs WiTh a K!!!
hEy WhAtS hApPiNiN dK? nUtHin MuCh WhAts HaPpInIn WhIcH yOu CuZ?
by dM+tM=LuV4EvA February 26, 2005
eternal blood killa for life and fuck cK who ever says that is a bunch if gay broke bitches
go up to some slobs and say "ebk" bitch
by dM+tM=LuV4EvA March 21, 2005

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