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Flirting or being flirtatious.
ayyo, stop cupcaking wit that ugly ass ho.
by dAnIeLa November 29, 2004
the state of being extremely bored
my saturday was boredage
by Daniela April 05, 2003
to add onto a word for no apparent reason
loved: loveded
humped: humpeded
sexed: sexeded
by Daniela March 20, 2003
To have sexual intercourse with. Originated when the phrase "Wouldjya pound her?" slowly turned into "Cha-pound her?"
"Hey Spira, wanna cha-pound?"
by Daniela January 26, 2005
-Martin Spira
-The man, the legend
"Spira is my homeboy"
"Where in the world is Martin Spira?"
by Daniela January 26, 2005
A cracker who things he is black!
Look at that fucken cracker black. Someone needs to kick his ass!
by Daniela June 16, 2006
a word used by joey that has no real meaning
joey says durp when he doesnt know what to say
by Daniela April 05, 2003

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