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When a mans zipper is down for long periods of time, therefore occasionally exposing his "package". This can either be done accidentally or by a tweaked individual... on purpose.
"Dude your package is showing, you sending out airmail or what?"
"Oh damn! Thanks man, good lookin' out!"

"Hey that guys running after her with his junk out!"
"Oh that's cause he's sending his package to her airmail"
by d325gu December 02, 2011
Post Thanksgiving Super Dump-

When after eating like a pig for the entire Thanksgiving one runs to the toilet to release a thunderous bowl breaking bowel movement
Joe - "Man I gotta make a deposit"
Pat - "You do? I just got done taking care of my PTSD"
Joe- "WTF is PTSD?"
Pat- "Oh man it's a Post Thanksgiving Super Dump... you know PTSD"
by d325gu November 26, 2011

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