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When you have someone that has a useless head of knowledge but no level of depth. They only can explain what they are talking about to the depth of what they read when they did a Google search. In other words they do not really know anything about the subject but surfed it on Google and now pretend to be experts on the subject. In a nut shell they are bull shitters and what they don’t know after the initial bit they found on Google search they make up. The word Googlodyte is derogatory, a way of describing a frigen know it all!!
"That guy, thinks he knows everything, what a F%%%& Googlodyte." or " He's a walking pile of bullshit, a frigen Googlodyte.
or " Ask so and so he likes to come across as if he is some kind of brainer ,,,, " F%^^& Googlodyte!"
by d0bo April 09, 2011

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