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when one person is incapable of finding somthing

person 1: shit, i cant find my keys
person 2:you must b suffering from xenebfly syndrome
by d00de93 November 27, 2007
fat old women who hav no life and think cook shows are cool
My aunt suffers from Rosie O'Donidis. She weighs over 400 and has her ass glued to the couch with her eyes on the cooking network
by d00de93 November 27, 2007
being of abnomormally short height and asain
docter: were sorry mam we tried everything, but...she asian
woman: but-bu-but..i-is..she..she
docter: short?
woman: *sobs and nods*
docter: yes...
woman: *screams in horrific horror* nooo...why me...why...*cries*
docter: so then you know?
woman: yes...she has...arifas syndrome...
docter: yes, im sorry but they're was nothing we could do.
by d00de93 November 27, 2007

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