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When members of one motorcycle club, are incorporated into a much larger motorcycle club. Thus, the unification results in the former club no longer existing. Its members subsequently trade in their previously worn club colours, or "patch over", for the colours of the larger club. These patches are usually worn on the back of a vest or jacket, and display a club's name, the owner's name and rank, and chapter of said club.
"The P.R.'s will patch over to the H.A.'s. The membership will substantially grow."
by D. Gould September 11, 2007
In the practice of sado-masochism, a "safe word", is an agreed upon word uttered by the recipient masochist, when he/she can no longer tollerate any more pain administered by the sadist, during a session. Maybe also be used, to indicate they may need a temporary "break" in said session.
"Ouch...ouch...ouch...ouch...RED(safe word)!"
by D. Gould February 13, 2006
A highly expensive car or motorcycle, that's been left to sit in the driveway, unused. Much like a flashy diamond ring or gold necklace, it's sole purpose is that of demonstrating wealth, to those who see it.
"That's a fourty-five thousand dollar bike in his driveway, with only a hundred kilometers on it. Clearly, he bought it for driveway jewelery and bragging rights."
by D. Gould January 13, 2006
Any individual who thinks for themselves, and laughs in the face of authority. Someone who goes against the grain in several aspects of their life, and is publically chastised for doing so. A person who refuses to bend to the conventions of society. A natural born leader. Unconventional in their wisdom, and accutely aware of their surroundings at all times. Often alienated for being so.
"The Motorcycle Boy, in SE Hinton's novel 'Rumble Fish', was definitely a wayward son."
by D. Gould February 21, 2006
Performed in a Russian-Turkish bathhouse, the purpose of a "schvitz" (meaning "sweat"), is multi-fold. Schvitzing, decontaminates the pours, softens the skin, and temporairly lowers blood presure. Some professional fighters use schvitzing, to help make weight for a fight. As it also results in loss of excess water retention. This takes place, in either a dry sauna, or a wet sauna. To complete the process, you douse yourself in ice cold water immediately upon exit, and repeat.
"Damn it's cold outside! Let's warm up with a schvitz!"
by D. Gould September 14, 2006
Mainlining a drug into your bloodstream, drawing back the syringe to refill it with blood, and then injecting it back into your arm. The theory being, the blood injected back into your bloodstream, will carry with it, any residule narcotic leftover in the syringe.
"I saw the junkie in the alleyway booting his heroin three times over, before he finally nodded off."
by D. Gould March 12, 2006
To screw up a major opportunity, that possibly comes along only once in a blue moon.
"One keg of beer, two blonde twins, a hotel room, and an endless supply of rubbers. Think he shagged them? Nope. He dropped the ball."
by D. Gould February 15, 2006

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