20 definitions by d-man

A person who is the man and is the best at what he does even though what he does no won understands.

A cool dude who does thing the way they should be
That dude calvin is the one and only D-Man
by D-Man September 24, 2003
n: a penis with a large, unidirectional curvature; usually due to its abnormal length
ron jeremy has a massive bowcock
by d-man December 11, 2003
n: see d,penis, love pole, cock
the bitch sucked my dilly-bar
by d-man December 11, 2003
by D-MAN July 21, 2002
n: 1: a dildo shaped like a gun; usually shaped like a smith and wesson 6-shooter
that porn star was fucking her in the ass with a gundo
by d-man December 11, 2003
derogatory term for a skank's melodorous vaginal.
Did you get a whiff of that ho's p-funk? I can smell it over here.
by d-man June 08, 2004
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