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A BERNie is a BURNout, a pothead, someone who had a life that was running smoothly till he woke up one day malude
"Check out that Bernie over there"

"Oh that's jay, he used to be cool till he got malude"

"thats a shame"
by d vengeance October 07, 2006
Being so fat it gives off the appereance of buffness, flubber disguised as muscle
"yo bro that kids friggin jacked...robjacked"

"Dude he weighs like 400 pounds, he bleeds gravy"

"Bro he'll fuk up your face up so bad you'll be malude"

by d vengeance October 07, 2006
becoming very ugly over a short period of time.
"bro what happend to big jay?"
"idk bro he used to get so many grls n be good at sports"
"yea zins, he got fucken malude"
by d vengeance October 07, 2006
popping a girls tit acne so hard it will suiqrt in their face
"Dude i jsut steened that girl right in the eyes"

"You serious, you better watch out her boyfriends robjacked"

"dude she'll wake up so malude tomorow robyjack will dump her ass"

by d vengeance October 07, 2006

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