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(proper noun; more commonly used as the adjective 'gay' with a lowercase g)
The phenomenon that results from poor time management and out-of-touch decision-making of leaders in a bureaucratic work environment, particularly the military, which produces urgent requirements for inane, redundant, or counter-productive tasks, often at the expense of overall morale and welfare.
Mr: "Cut the grass this afternoon."
Joe: "We just cut the grass yesterday."
Mr: "Yes, but they wanted us to cut it today, so do it again."
Joe: "Gee, that's gay."

Dude: "Hey, we just finished packing all of the shipping containers in five hours. Everyone worked fast because it's Friday."
Mr: "Oh, well they said that there's a new form they want us to use for the shipping documentation, so we'll have to unpack it all and repack it again before anyone goes home today."
Dude: "Wow, The Gay strikes again."

Mr: "I saw your draft for turnover operations next week. It doesn't match the guidance from the memo they put out today."
Dude: "But the deadline for the plans was three days ago, and I had my plan done on time."
John: "Yeah, but this memo today details the guidelines you have to follow in your plan, so you have to redo it all."
Dude: "Gay."
by d r i c k March 24, 2010

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