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rubbing a girls pussy until she has an orgasm
i fingered my girl for an hour last night a she had the biggets orgasm she cam all over me.
by d November 17, 2003
When you blow a raspberry in between a girls tits, making a motor boat sound
Carol was so drunk the other night, I gave her a motor boat when she showed her tits
by D January 31, 2005
A legend is someone or something whose coolness extends beyond all space and time.
I get all the bi0tches because I am a legend.
by D June 24, 2004
Arsehole, ring, sphincter, anus
Show us your Rusty Sheriff's Badge ya dirty bitch!!
by D November 10, 2003
Situation when a female doesn't want to pursue a relationship with a male because he is too nice to her.
Peggy just wants to be friends with Al.
by D February 16, 2004
Not sinking, but rising. Now 9th biggest city in US. Better than ever.
by d October 15, 2003
A cool and froody guy. Shame about the assholes that think he is a great excuse to kill some people (what the fuck was the Crusades about!!?!?!?)
God: Thou Shalt Not Kill.
(six months later)....
God: I said, Thou Shalt NOT Kill, Doofus!!
by D June 17, 2004
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