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Yo RZA and Raekwon are SEPERATE PEOPLE dunn.
RZA is the production mastermind behind Wu-Tang.
Raekwon is one of the Wu-Tang members. Cop Rae's two albums 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' and 'Immobilarity' and his upcoming Ice Water shit.
by cypherous-twelve September 20, 2003
Clarks (Wallabies) are an ill brand of shoes that Ghostface Killah (from Wu-Tang) wears and raps about. Wu-Wear have a lot of clarks style wallabies for sale.
"Boom, yo I got a crazy idea how to do Clarks now" - from Glaciers of Ice, by Ghostface Killah
by cypherous-twelve September 20, 2003

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