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Stands for the medical vaccine which prevents measles, mumps, and rubella. "MMR" comes from the first letter of each disease.
Jake received his MMR vaccine as a child.
by cypat25 July 03, 2005
An amazing play in ultimate frisbee, synonymous with the term "the greatest". Term derived from the deliciousness of the ice cream flavor, a "cherry garcia" is an alternate name for the action of leaping in the air to save a disc going out of bounds and passing it (in the air) to a teammate.
Davis pulled a cherry garcia in the endzone last point.
by cypat25 September 03, 2005
1. Shortened form of the word "elite". Can have a negative connotation if in reference to someone who is haughty and snobbish or can have a positive connotation referring to someone who is the best at something.

2. Typing dialect, using numbers for letters or other such variant.
The english monarchy was way too leet for me.


That soccer player is seriously leet.


Jake was using leet today in the chatroom.
by cypat25 July 03, 2005

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