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A band that used to be good, but now they suck and are completely overrated and bland.

Members of the band include Anthony Kiedis (he used to be a cool guy in the 80's, but he became too self absorbed when the Peppers became famous.)

The overrated and bland guitarist John Frusciante. (Tell me, if he's such a talented guitarist, then why does he play such simple guitar riffs? You'd think he'd actually have the nerve to use his talent to create something more original and complex.)

And of course, one of the most talented bassists of all time, Flea. (too bad for being in an overrated band.)

Chad Smith (I don't understand why he is even in this band? He is one of the most repetitive drummers I've ever heard.)
Red Hot Chili Peppers were a great band back in the 80's, but after Hillel Slovak died, they have gone downhill since.

They should have just gave up instead of making 6 boring and redudant albums and leave us with the 3 classic albums they made while Hillel was alive. Then I wouldn't be calling them "overrated".
by cydewynder September 04, 2008

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