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any of numerous species of black cat marked by a general habit of slaving to their owner.
Kunta Kitty, get up off that counter 'fore I whip yo ass!
by cybertoothhellcat October 25, 2007
excessive untrimmed public hair on an otherwise nice pair of tits, which is especially disgusting on a girl with a large rack and a see-through shirt. Titskers obviously comes from my brilliant combo tits + whiskers, an abbriaviated way of saying tit whiskers.
Damn girl, how bout mowing the titskers?
by cybertoothhellcat October 25, 2007
A copious amount of earwax
I can't hear you cuz I gots the ear butter, yo.
by cybertoothhellcat October 25, 2007
(noun) a large amount of public hair around a woman's asshole.
Yo, I was totally bangin this chic from the back side, and then I saw she had a bunny tail and a barfed all over her.
by cybertoothhellcat October 25, 2007
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