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Something that sounds or looks dodgy.
Marta: Hey, should we try out that cafe on Main Street? I can never see in the windows when I go by because they're always steamed up but there are tons of newspaper clippings in the window.

Jack: Um, dodge city. The clippings are dried out, yellow and not in English and the windows haven't been cleaned in years. Pass.
by cybermedusa February 17, 2011
explanation in response to why you've taken something that doesn't belong to you
store surveillance officer: excuse me miss, i was watching you from over here and saw you cut the price tag off that backpack you are carrying. i'm afraid you'll have to come with me for questioning regarding this theft.

stacy: what?? no way man! i borrowed this purse from a friend. it's totally on lohan. back off! don't make me call my mother.
by cybermedusa February 17, 2011

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