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Cocaine, The White Pony, That Soft. The slang term "columbian yam yam" was invented by C Woods from Pompton.
DeAndre: yo you got trees?
B-Dog: nah but dem boys got dat columbian yam yam up the way. Shit is raw and ain't stepped on neither my du'.
by CWoods January 20, 2014
(eff-bee-dub-see) - FBWC stands for Fucking Bitches Without Condoms. It represents a lifestyle, or way of life. Generally a single gentleman, with multiple children, and or STD's, is living his life FBWC.
Dude! You have three kids out of wedlock! And you have the hiv?! You are living FBWC bro! Fuckin' A!
by cwoods August 16, 2006
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