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a) An allergic reaction to cum.

b) A resistance to receive a cumshot.

c) A female that is not attracted to males. A lesbian.
My girlfriend won't let me cum on her tits. It's like she has a skeet allergy or something.

That girl looks like a dike - she must have a skeet allergy.
#skeet allergy #skeet #allergy #cumshot #lesbian
by cw3 March 28, 2008
Any form of injury suffered by a female during the act of sex.

Also, an injury suffered by a female as a result of a cumshot to the eye.
Rachel got a skeet injury when Bill shot her in the eye.
#skeet injury #cumshot #skeet #injury #sex #skeet skeet skeet #snowplow #snow #plow
by cw3 March 28, 2008
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