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1.When two people are making out (gays and lesbos included) and they're kissing each other everywhere both people are usually very horny. Both people are breathing heavily they both or one of them tend to have their shirt of and are on top of each other. In between 2nd and 3rd base on the sexual scale.

2.When two hardcore people are making out or kissing
1.My boyfriend was kissing my boobs and we were both breathing heavily. GOD, it was SEXY!

2.Christy and Matt were hardcore kissing.
by cvoutcast101 May 26, 2008
Someone who loathes posers and sees it as there mission to beat all the poser out of someone, so the poser can be themselves

Any poser reading this I'm gonna beat your ass
Two real acutal people (if there are any left) see a poser:

person1-blahblahblah*sees poser*
Person1-dude look at that poser
person1-(to poser)Hey don't make me go anti-poser on your ass!

poser-(confused)What? Oh...uh...GREEN DAY rocks!

person2-Go fuck yourself poser
by cvoutcast101 May 24, 2008

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