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an expression used primarily by Southerners since the period of "reconstruction"follwing cessation of overt hostilities against those opposed to being cultured by the hypocritical and bigoted powers that captured control of the Federal Gov't.;contemptable hatred for political correctness,i.e. collective self-delusion; "knowing the score", yet resolute in one's own conviction and faith in ultimate vindication;predictable indignity towards those who piss on others and swear it was the result of an isolated thunderstorm;unashamed of refusing to accept a lie for the truth; unwilling and insulted at being asked to buy a jar of soft shit that has been labelled "APPLEBUTTER"
George thought the entire country would believe his feigned concern for the Iraqi people was the motive for his crusade; he failed to realize the existence of too many unreconstructed americans that would not buy his bag-of-bullshit.
by cuturclaws March 22, 2009

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