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both first posts have it correct, and incorrect.....allow me to explain. first, the vodka does not need to be chilled....on the contrary....place in a windowsill where it can get sun at least a few hours out of the day to warm up. the heat will case a better absorbtion rate. Make sure lid is tightly closed. I have done this with normal vodka (i prefer absolut), but whatever you choose needs to have an alcohol percentage no lower than 40%. Secondly, put whatever you want in it seeds, stems, leaves bud. I have found that one 1/4 bag of good hydro, or chronic to one 750 ml bottle of vodka (minus 2 shots to allow room for weed), mixed with whatever shake, or bettter yet, trimmings from a plant you have. Shaking only once per day is enough.....right after removing from the warm windowsill. wait about a total of 2 weeks, then Enjoy
A Potka and tonic

1 - 1 1/2 oz potka
6-8 ounces tonic water
1/4 squeezed lime
over ice

mix and stir after squeezing lime into glass.

A Potkarita

1 - 1 1/2 oz Potka
8 oz premade margarita mix
ice optional
blended optional

A Potkahito

1-1 1/2 oz potka
1 teaspoon sugar
8 mint leaves
12 oz can of lemon lime soda
light ice

sugar, ice, and mint leaves in glass. crush together with wooden spoon handle. poou in potka and stir, ad soda amount to taste
by cutter13 August 04, 2009

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