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cutes it, hair whipping, monkey shaking, fag loving, fag-hag, huge fake tits, tank ass, farts it, britney impersonator, black cock, lesbian, upward-curving, thick, vainy
Cashley is zuper cutes it, loves whipping around her lush weave while shaking dat monkey for her best fag friends

That cashley is hitting on me. (noun)

That cashley sure did smell like poop (noun)

I can't believe you cashlied in the club last night (verb)

Omg I just totally cashlied in my pants! (verb)

She is such a cashley, all her friends are gays! (noun)

I just totally cashlied brits dance moves from womanizer! (verb)

I love cashley, they are so dark, meaty, thick and upward curving compared to white guys! (noun)
by cutesitini February 03, 2010
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