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Laugh Out Loud My Friend In a very strong Indian Accent
Text to: Yo just went to this gas station and no sh*t the guy said "Thank you come again"
Text Back: LOLMF
#llofm #lolfm #loflm #laugh out loud #my friend
by cusenerd October 21, 2011
Used to enhance conversations where a reference clearly wasnt meant to be sexual but can be turned around to sound that way by jumping in with "thats what i told her".
Friend 1: This can of hair spray is not the right size
Friend 2:Huh?
Friend 1: Normally it's bigger
Someone in the area: "That's what I told her"
#thats what she said #thats what im talking about #sounds like my first time #twss #thts what i told her
by cusenerd October 22, 2011
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